Friday, 26 August 2011

Sarcasm might be the lowest form of wit - but that doesn't stop it from being funny

A recent exchange on the BCSE forum produced this advice for creationists;
. . .if you're going to object to a theory based on its problems, disputes and inability to fully clarify itself, then pick on gravity. Evolution is a solid, well tested theory, unlike gravity.
Well, sorry, 'micro'-gravity is well proven, lifting an object up and dropping it shows that gravity exists.  
That's easily explained. Using the same theory on untestable 'macro' events like planetary orbits or black holes is absurd conjecture and extrapolation of a 'theory in crisis'. It's not about the evidence, it's based on theinterpretation of the evidence, which clearly shows gravity is wrong. The same is true of small events on the quantum scale, because gravity cannot explain that, it's obvious that the 'theory of gravity' is an atheistic ploy to destroy faith in gods. 
Strange how quiet the YEC community is on gravity. Must be a conspiracy.

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