Sunday, 30 October 2011

Creationist Group claiming DfE "support" ?

I just sent this to the DfE, you might consider doing something similar.

I am concerned that the creationist group Genesis Agendum are quoting correspondence with this department claiming that the department told them;
"I can see how your new educational resource could support schools."
"With this in mind you may wish to contact schools directly ..." 
Please see these links so you can see for yourselves. 
The department has taken pains to state that creationism should not be presented as science in UK schools and yet that is precisely what this site does.
 Please see here for an analysis in case you don't have anyone on hand that can spot the non-science on the site; 
Please can you consider clarifying the position with the WAU folks and making it clear that their material is not suitable for use in schools as it presents nonsense creationist claims as science.
You can send a message to the DfE here.

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