Sunday, 16 October 2011

Creationist Questions about Evolution (not)

In the Guardian Andrew Brown answers some questions from a creationist.

As I say, the interesting thing about all these objections is that hardly any of them bear directly on the theory of descent with modification. They are all variations of "Why are we here?" with different kinds of "Why" for an answer. Two of them do bear directly on Darwin's theory of evolution and have been conclusively answered by it: "How can you have design without a designer?" and "How to create intelligence from non-intelligence?"
Question seven is completely bogus.
The other four seem to operate in the disputed marshlands between science and philosophy. But his crucial argument seems to be 'The atheist sees design but refuses to accept that there can be a designer'. If I wanted to refute that, I wouldn't send him to Richard Dawkins, but the American Carl Zimmer, whose book Parasite Rex is a glorious, terrifying, and intermittently disgusting romp through the roots, the intestines, and even the eyeballs of almost all living things to discover what else lives inside them. These parasites are unquestionably designed for their purpose, and designed with extraordinary ingenuity. They kill millions of children every year. I really cannot imagine that anyone, knowing the facts of their existence, could believe they were designed by a loving creator for a moral purpose. Evolution is not God's enemy but his greatest alibi.

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