Wednesday, 23 November 2011

American Creationists Dump on UK Christians.

We don't expect much from Uncommon Descent or is that "commonly indecent"?

If Christians don't agree with their own views then the insults start to fly;

"“Simon”, who cutes himself out as a four-year-old boy with an eye patch"

"The impression one comes away with is: The vast mediocrity of the British “Science Faith community.” One senses it’ll be a long time before these people break any new ground anywhere, except awards for stuff like “I turned to the Big Noise Around Here, and he said he couldn’t see anything in it either, which strengthens my ignorance.”"

From here.


  1. My own comments on this:

  2. In classical creationist style they don't freely allow comments at that site.

    Lucky for you Jonathan that we have higher standards here than you do over there.