Thursday, 1 December 2011

Astronomy, physics cosmology - all wrong, Bank of England - all wrong

Following on from our previous post and Richard Dawkins and the aliens another british young earth creationist weighs in with his thoughts on how whole swathes of modern science including physics astronomy and cosmology are probably wrong because those scientists don't agree with his interpretation of the bible.

This is as clear a demonstration why creationism should kept out of schools as you can hope to see.


The Bank of England and the monetary system are also all wrong for the same reason.

If anyone can understand this please let us know what he is on about;

"What are the ethics of the Bank of England deciding to appropriate peoples' savings in this fashion? At what point does "thou shalt not steal" apply to such activities? Is it right for the Bank of England to issue banknotes but effectively have a "carte blanche" to reduce their value as and when it pleases, after the fact? The evangelical church in the West seems sadly mute in untangling such questions today - where have the theologians gone?"

To the theme of ghostbusters;

If the economy fails,
and you are feeling poor,
Who you gonna call?

If the stars don't agree,
with what you think,
Who you gonna call?

If the atoms don't work,
in the way you want,
Who you gonna call?

Suggested further verses in the comments please. . .

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