Thursday, 22 March 2012

Centre for Intelligent Design update

It looks like the C4ID is intent on spending money in direct contradiction to DfE policy.

At least that is the impression they give in an email sent out today.  There are no fees or expenses for talks given anywhere in the country.  They must be well funded.

We also noticed this:

"Although C4ID is not specifically targeting schools, I am also happy to give talks in schools, to classes or clubs, where appropriate."
They seem to have forgotten that Michael Gove has stated that:
"Creationism, intelligent design and similar ideas must not be taught as valid scientific theories"
So we are left wondering when exactly is one of their talks is "appropriate" in a school?  Certainly not in classes, clubs, assemblies, or any other activity where they are presented as a valid scientific viewpoint.

Any school facilitating such a talk risks the wrath of Mr Gove and the local LEA and the ridicule of the press.

Perhaps Noble is hoping that schools wont realise that they aren't supposed to let him promote his pseudo-scientific nonsense as science so that he can sneak in under the radar?

If you hear about such talks in schools or colleges please let us know and we will take the appropriate action.

It is telling that C4ID themselves won't tell us where they are giving talks, there is no sign of them on their web site, presumably because they know that they are going against the DfE and rather than tackle the issue in the full light of day, they woud rather operate in the shadows.

This is not a reputable and honest way to behave.

Here is the full text of the email sent out today:

No fee for  ID Presentation from Dr Alastair Noble


I am being increasingly asked to speak to groups about Intelligent Design and I am writing to say that I am committed to expanding this aspect of the work of C4ID.  I would be happy, therefore, to speak at any event, anywhere in the UK, which you may wish to organise.  I am also happy to participate in more intimate settings like a dinner or supper event. 

I have a number of illustrated presentations which are suitable for college, university, church or public audiences and which deal with various aspects of Intelligent Design. Although C4ID is not specifically targeting schools, I am also happy to give talks in schools, to classes or clubs, where appropriate.  The current requests have been for talks on:
  • The scientific evidence for Intelligent Design
  • The Re-emergence of Intelligent Design
  • Intelligent Design and the case for faith
  • Evolution and Intelligent Design
  • Are we here by design or by chance?
Although these talks have differing emphases, each deals essentially with the evidence for design in nature.  I also usually have some books and DVDs for sale. 

If you wish to organise an event, please get in touch with me  by email or call the Centre on 0141 331 1607.  My PA, Rosalyn Goodfellow, will probably deal with your request.  It would be helpful for scheduling if you could give me a few months' notice of your intentions. 

I should say that the costs of this will be borne by me or by C4ID, though any contribution you can make will be welcome. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes 

Dr Alastair Noble

Centre for Intelligent Design 

About The Centre for Intelligent Design
The primary aim of the Centre for Intelligent Design (CID) is to promote the public understanding of Intelligent Design (ID) and its implications.

The Centre for Intelligent Design is an independent organisation which has been set up by a network of volunteers across the UK who have professional interests in education, science, medicine, business and the law. It is funded by contributions from individuals and organisations who support its aims.
Its specific objectives are to:
  • promote the professional investigation and public debate of Intelligent Design
  • challenge, on the scientific evidence, the neo-Darwinian claim that the development of life is purely the result of undirected forces
  • encourage consideration of the wider implications of Intelligent Design.
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  1. Didn't they have a similar cloak-and-dagger approach to their conference, with attendees being anonymous and having to be vetted — twice — before acceptance (and there were only 50 of them!)?