Saturday, 17 March 2012

Correlation and now Causation

BCSE has been pointing out for some while the apparent correlation between creationism and some quite extreme right wing views such as being against equal rights (for just about anyone but creationists), anti-environmentalism, global warming denial etc. etc.  It isn't universal but it seems to be pervasive.

The author of the hilarious anti-BCSE smear site BCSE Revealed (It's so good we have a copy in case it ever gets taken down), David Anderson, who is a never-mind-your-facts-6,000-year-old-earth-kind-of-chap, tells it how it is:
"Only the Christian doctrine of creation ultimately stands against the oxymoronic idea of "homosexual marriage". Only an understanding of creation explains why the juxtaposition of "homosexual" and "marriage" is an oxymoron. Like a feline dog, or an infant elder. It's not so much "changing the definition" of marriage" as contradicting it." 
" . . .the West still largely views polygamy as immoral, but sodomy as potentially an expression of love." 
"The doctrine of creation cuts the knot. Marriage is a designed institution, given by a Creator to help fulfil his purposes for creation." 
"Godly male pursuit and godly female submission were to express realities that have both life-long and cosmic and eschatological significances. Hence homosexual sin is a radical rebellion against the created order and its Maker. And 'homosexual marriage' is a contradiction in terms." 
"We need to know what the ground on which we stand is, and not just point out some of the nice flowers that grow in it."
Creationism->homophobia->submission of women in marriage.

So which ever side of the politics you are on - creationists are the only ones who can justify your views!

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