Sunday, 4 March 2012

Creation Watch: Creationist plans for the London Olympics

A number of Young Earth Creationists are planning to evangelise the London Olympics;
A Dutch YEC hopes to moor 'Noah's Ark' in the Thames later this year. 
Meanwhile, YEC Ken Ham (his Answers in Genesis organisation hope to build another 'Noah's Ark' in Kentucky) is planning to come to the UK to do creation evangelism, including handing out a planned new leaflet 'Big Ben-Time'.

Several 'Carrying the Creation Torch' conferences are also being put on, at churches, by the YECs of Creation Ministries International in May and June this year: 


  1. One of those CMI talks is within walking distance of where I live. Might go along, as it's a Saturday...

  2. The good thing about those arcs is how they will make it so obvious the story of Noah is impossible. Size counts.