Thursday, 15 March 2012

Creation Watch update

More creation watching opportunities in Scotland have been added to the main Creation Watch page.  The first event charges entry and so we suggest that an equal and "opposite" donation to a proper charity, perhaps one involved in scientifically based medical research would nicely balance things up.

Celebrating Creation - Classical Music Event
When: Sat 24th March 2012 7:30pm
Where: St Columba's Free Church, JohnstonTerrace, Edinburgh EH1 2PW
Price: £6
Drovak once said: 'I study with the birds, flowers, God and myself.' Observing creation often fills us with awe and wonder. From the vast cosmos to the tiny flower, a panorama of beauty and majesty calls forth creativity from all of us. For some that outlet is music. In this concert we will listen to music by the composers J.S. Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi, Mozart, Handel, Haydn, Schubert, Kreisler, Rutter and Haynes, combined with visual and narrative enhancements. 
Carrying The Creation Tourch
When: 20th October 2012
The Biblical Foundation of Creation: Rev Wayne Sutton (to be confirmed)
Creation and Evolution: the biological evidence: Dr Marc Surtees (ECG)
Migration after the Flood: How did animals and plants spread around the world so quickly? Dominic Stratham (CMI)
Let the Rocks Speak: Evidence for the Flood from the fossils and geology: Philip Bell (CMI)
Creation: The Evidence (includes the gospel) Paul James-Griffiths (ECG)

Both of these events are in Edinburgh.  Please read our guidelines if you decide to attend.

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