Thursday, 15 March 2012

Welsh Evangelicals and Young Earth Creationism

The Evangelical Movement of Wales recent published an article arguing for a literal interpretation of the bible and de facto young earth creationism.  Here are some extracts;
"Do you believe that Genesis 1-2 present a factual account of the creation? Are Adam and Eve real historical figures just as much as Robert Boyle (1627-1691) and Michael Faraday (1791-1867)?
For the best part of two centuries, liberal academic scholars have tried to undermine the historical reliability of these Old Testament narratives, and many others. The consequences of this on the well-being of churches are catastrophic." 
"I am happy to bear the stigma of being naive! I am ready to be counted a fool for Christ." 
"If I preach that Genesis is myth, that Jonah is parable, that Daniel is fiction, that the Bible is so similar to Babylonian myths, that we must be open to the idea of its being a truly human (and erroneous) document, then you can be sure that those who listen will begin to doubt the Old Testament. Did God create all things? Did Adam really sin and all mankind in him? They will not know what to believe. Did God part the Red Sea or was it a fluke combination of natural forces? If I say that only naive simpletons imagine that Jonah was actually inside a big fish for three days, or that there was really a den of lions for Daniel – if I turn history to fiction – I will undermine the faith of the hearers. Since the Bible is full of miraculous, supernatural events from cover to cover, once they start to doubt, they will not know where to end it."

Peter Naylor is the minister of Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Cardiff. This article was a paper given at the Affinity Theological Studies Conference and has been  summarised and adapted by Paul Yeulett.

Read the whole thing for yourself here.

Does the Evangelical Movement of Wales run any state funded schools?  We aren't aware of any.  Do they get involved in local education?  We would like to know.  Presentation of these kinds of creationist views as being a valid scientific viewpoint would breach all DfE guidelines and ministerial comments on the subject.

To regular readers the name Paul Yeulett might ring a bell.  This is because he was a teacher at Emmanuel College during the controversy that erupted when it emerged that creationism being presented as a valid scientific alternative to evolution a decade ago, something which is no longer allowed in state funded schools.

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