Saturday, 28 April 2012

Designer curse?

Glasgow's very own Centre for Intelligent Design, a kind of costume shop for creationists, are at a loss for words.

Michael Behe has this to say in The Edge of Evolution on page 237,

"Here's something to ponder long and hard: Malaria was intentionally designed. The molecular machinery with which the parasite invades red blood cells is an exquisitely purposeful arrangement of parts."

Whilst C4ID refuse to comment on the morals or motives of a designer who can fashion a disease that takes so many children from their parents before the age of five, slowly and painfully, we can judge such a designer for ourselves.

C4ID are instead crowing about how the bacterial flagellum acclaims the existence of a mysterious designer and yet stay silent on the fact that this molecular motor propels a host of other diseases. This designer of theirs seems to delight in illness.

Knowing that C4ID is staffed by the likes of those usually only too eager to stand in judgement over such evil doers as feminists, homosexuals or the mentally ill, we can only wonder at how they refuse to judge such a designer

We can only guess how C4ID must be consumed by the desire to throw off their scientific disguise and join in the creationist chorus pointing out that a single bite in a single forbidden apple is ample reason for the designer to torture children so.

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