Friday, 27 April 2012

What are the odds? Part four

We continue our series listing extreme views that just happen to come from creationists.  Just a coincidence?  What are the odds?

This next one is so distasteful I almost left it in the drafts folder, but on balance this stuff needs to see the light of day.

According to CMI - a group that send speakers into UK schools to talk to children, have a piece blaming Darwin for the hideously evil actions of Anders Breivik.

Surely this alone would make any UK school think twice about inviting these folks in to talk to their kids.

The summary from their article reads:
This event illustrates the fact that eugenic ideas are still flourishing and influential in some areas of society and are, likewise, still very destructive. It also illustrates that rejection of the biblical record, especially the doctrine that all humans descended from the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, leads to Darwinism, and evolution leads to racism and eugenics.
So the list is growing; anti-islamic hate literature, submission of women in marriage,  claims that people who are depressed can't be Christians and are just being selfish, and a mass murderer did what he did because of modern biological science and the theory of evolution leads to racism.

It is worth noting that perhaps the most notorious racists in history, the Nazis, based their own views on a creationist position.  The Nazis thought that the races of man had been created separately and should be kept so to prevent the Teutonic master race being diluted by mixing with other races.

Evolution shows us that mankind is a family and that we are all brothers and sisters under the skin.

So is this just a list of coincidences?  Or does a creationist outlook act as a sign post for dislocation from the real world and a complete departure from the moral outlook of civilised society?

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