Wednesday, 2 May 2012

You might remember the hubub about the Northern Ireland Culture Minister when it became public knowledge that he had written to the Ulster Museum telling them to display creationism alongside evolution;

Northern Ireland's born-again Christian culture minister has called on the Ulster Museum to put on exhibits reflecting the view that the world was made by God only several thousand years ago.
Nelson McCausland, who believes that Ulster Protestants are one of the lost tribes of Israel, has written to the museum's board of trustees urging them to reflect creationist and intelligent design theories of the universe's origins.
The Democratic Unionist minister said the inclusion of anti-Darwinian theories in the museum was "a human rights issue".
McCausland defended a letter he wrote to the trustees calling for anti-evolution exhibitions at the museum. He claimed that around one third of Northern Ireland's population believed either in intelligent design or the creationist view that the universe was created about 6,000 years ago.
"I have had more letters from the public on this issue than any other issue," he said.

The group "Creation Outreach Ministries" has now submitted a petition to the Ulster Museum with more than 11,000 signatures asking for the same silliness.

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