Sunday, 17 June 2012

40 Killer Arguments For Internet Creationists.

Som extracts from Rosa Rubicondior;

Have a list of questions you don't want answered. Check on any Creationist website for these.
Keep asking these questions over and over but ignore the answers.
Never be tempted to follow any links or read any books which might be recommended.
Demand absolute proof for every scientific theory. Never accept it.
Claim Creationism is proved because it's written about in a book and you believe it.
Produce random quotes from a religious book and claim that proves it.
Say that faith is better than evidence so it must be true otherwise you wouldn't believe it.
Claim to have absolute proof that your god exists. Never produce it because it might be falsifiable.
Promise that you will produce that proof soon but demand that it be accepted first.
Refuse to produce the proof because it would be wasted on someone who won't accept it
. . .
Assert that Darwin believed in Intelligent Design.
Claim that Darwin recanted on his death bed.
Claim that Darwin was a Communist.
Say that irreducible complexity proves life is intelligently designed. Avoid technical discussion.
Assert that Evolution was falsified by science many years ago.
Claim that the Second Law of Thermodynamics means Evolution is impossible. Avoid discussion.
Assert that there is no evidence for Evolution.
Say that Darwin admitted God must have designed eyes.
State that the Peppered Moths experiment was a fraud.
State that Coelacanths prove Evolution doesn't happen.
Claim that all fossils are forgeries made of plaster of Paris.
Assert that there are no transitional fossils.
Assert that Evolution has never been seen.
. . .
If needs be, resort to condescension, passive-aggressive threats like saying you'll pray for them, and abuse.

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  1. You've forgotten (actual examples I've met in the past two weeks)
    Xenoliths and cave plant data prove radiometric dating doesn't work
    The moon is receding at a billion times its actual speed
    The oceans don't have billions of years worth of salt in them
    The earth's magnetic field is weakening (don't ask me to explain)

    CMI has "101 evidences" at; talkorigins has a far more comprehensive collection rebutted at