Sunday, 17 June 2012

ACE : How creationism is already taught in the UK

This is a series of short posts linking to the work of Jonny Scaramanga who was educated in a creationist school right here in the UK.  Jonny managed to think his way out of the intellectual black hole he was trapped in, and can now give us a stark warning of the kinds of ways that creationist free schools would spend public money if they could get their hands on it.  BCSE has covered several creationist free school applications here.  Jesmond/Clayton Free School is now at the interview stage of the process.

Jonny's first post is entitled "The Scientific Method According to Accelerated Christian Education" and it sets the tone for exactly what these schools do to the children in their care.  Here are some extracts from ACE teaching materials;

"Man should never trust his own reasoning – his reasoning may be incorrect because man’s reasoning is not God’s reasoning."

"If a scientific theory contradicts the Bible, then the theory is wrong and must be discarded."

"All scientific ‘facts’ must be interpreted on the basis of God’s Word, the infallible source of knowledge."

As Jonny says at the end of his post; "I did not learn any critical thinking skills from ACE. When I encountered critical thinking in the Research Methods module of my undergraduate degree, many concepts were genuinely new to me. And that is a scandal."

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