Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Best Arguments for Creationism?

This is a story from one of our members;
The best one I heard was shortly after I first came across creationism. I was allowing second child, still in primary school, to attend a church and youth club with her friends family, blissfully unaware that such things as creationism existed in this country and blissfully ignorant of how strong it was in the US. I honestly could not conceive in any part of my brain that people really were that stupid. I still can't if I'm honest, some small part of me still thinks Marc Surtees, Tyler, Garner and co don't really believe a word of it. How the hell they can keep a straight face is beyond me?

I still find the existence of creationists somewhat unbelievable - and even though I come across them now and know they exist, I still never fail to be amazed at what they think it is reasonable to say. I would be less surprised if a couple of leprechauns and an elf popped out from under my geraniums then I am by some of the stuff Marc comes out with.
Anyway I became interested in chatting about religion to my friend who was taking my daughter to church with her own. I was a christian but didn't know many others so it was nice to chat about it. She was very fervent and I thought I really ought to start to be more proactive as well. Then one day she came back from Chedder Gorge distressed after seeing fossils and displays there - her comment was something along the lines of does this disprove God. I was gobsmacked and embarked on my take on it, which had never ever been creationist - she was unbelievably happy to hear it. Happier in retrospect to accept my take on it with my shaky limited theology than the take of her 'expert' pastor and church . I still didn't know this had come from her church.

Anyway as her church became interested in getting me to be 'born again' via child 2 and after I attended twice (and was a little taken aback by it all after RCism and CofEism) - one of them approached me to discuss my scientific beliefs and how they were a barrier to me being truly christian and the reason my oldest child was an atheist. I nearly exploded trying not to laugh as he came out with his arguments, especially funny were the life expentancy dropping after the flood cos Noah was 600+ years old and dinosaurs on the ark. There were the usual simple ones, no beneficial mutations etc. All of which were easy to demolish as he clearly knew NOTHING at all about science - not even what DNA was let alone how it worked.

But I think his best was when I asked about the fossil record. His reply, as the flood rose animals ran to escape it. Those that were best able to run uphill are found last for that reason, the slowest are found earlier. Simples. So we all gathered our artefacts, food and even our dead and hightailed it sucessfully to the highest land whilst pteradactyls and velocorapters floundered part way up. As for plants, he couldn't explain those running up a hill so reverted to shouting at me 'do you believe the word of god'. To which I wish I'd replied well not since you've proved it so succinctly wrong - but I just said yes.
Anyway, that was the last time second child was allowed near that church or youth club. And it was the start of my steady path to atheism, which increased exponentionally with every new fact I learnt about creationism.

In retrospect his arguments, that I thought so ridiculous at the time (including the small running mammals being faster than mammoths and reptiles and us being fastest of all despite having to ensure we gathered up all our flinty tools, houses and pots before running for it) are no more ridiculous than any others. They are all that stupid when you think about it, just some sound funnier.

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