Sunday, 1 July 2012

A letter to Creationists

This is an extract from a letter from ex-ACE student Jonny Scaramanga who had to spend his childhood years having nonsense pumped into his head at a creationist school here in the UK;

Many Christians accept scientific evidence while maintaining their faith in the inerrancy of Scripture. Doesn’t it make more sense to interpret the Bible in light of what scientists have used their God-given abilities to discover, rather than to lie to children in order to get them to believe? 
Christianity is a faith. Jesus called on us to believe in Him as a matter of faith, not evidence (John 20:19-31). Accelerated Christian Education attempts to claim that there is incontrovertible evidence for Creation (Science 1096), and use this as a basis for belief in God. This is a house of cards. If a child’s belief is based on faith, then it is not threatened by science, for the truth has nothing to fear from inquiry. But if it is based on evidence, what is left when this evidence turns out to be false? And how about when the child discovers that this evidence was known to be false long before the textbooks were written, and the writers didn’t appear to care? 
And so I repeat my request: I would like an apology. I was taught falsehoods as facts, and these disadvantaged me. I have here only discussed the ones I have identified in science; there are further pieces of misinformation (and occasional racism) I found in my politics and history education as well. These would not be so bad if the PACEs allowed the discussion and debate of different points of view, but they do not. I was wronged by the education you provided, and I want an explanation. You did not write the PACEs, but you distributed and endorsed them, and therefore you are responsible for the education you provided to British ACE students.
Read the whole letter here.

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