Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Michael Gove 3 Science Education 0

Two more problem Free School applications mean Mr Gove has now approved three creationist applications.  We seem to have three species so far;

Creationist obviousii - Common name:  Greater-spotted Creationist - they teach creationism in science class - Grindon Hall Christian School

Crypto creationistus - Common name: Yellow-bellied cackler - they pretend they aren't really creationists - Exemplar Academy

Creationist confuscatious - Common name: Preaching warbler - they teach kids creationism is true in RE - Sevenoaks Christian School

This is despite the fact that the Department for Education model funding agreement, allowing the education secretary to withdraw cash from schools that fail to meet strict criteria relating to what they teach. Under the new agreement, funding will be withdrawn for any free school that teaches what it claims are "evidence-based views or theories" that run "contrary to established scientific and/or historical evidence and explanations". (From here)

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