Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Most Important Development This Week . . .

. . .  in the fight against creationism is the ruling by the Information Commissioner that instructs the DfE to publish the names and details of all the groups who have so far applied for Free School Status.  Our own FOI request was refused on the basis that it would "interfere with the smooth running of the department".

The British Humanist Association appealed against the refusal of a similar request and the ruling means that the DfE now have 35 days to publish the details or appeal.

The BHA announcement is here and the full ruling can be read here.  Well done Richy Thompson and the BHA.

We have an extensive Wiki and our own archive of files and intend to scrutinise the listing and highlight any creationist groups applying for public money to run schools.  Mr Gove has previously said he is crystal clear that creationism will not be taught in publicly funded schools, so it always seemed odd that he wanted it made easier for creationists to sneak into the process.

Please contact the DfE and ask them to comply with the request in the interest of the smooth running of UK schools.

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