Friday, 20 July 2012

No need to worry - an MP says so

This Lib Dem MP knows that the Exemplar Free School creationists won't act like creationists, or he knows that they are no longer involved in the school, or perhaps he knows that they aren't creationists anymore and had a change of mind about this aspect of their faith, he doesn't actually say which.

Let's assume he is right and for some reason the school genuinely have no intention of sticking to what their previous incarnation claimed were the basic tenets of their faith.  They will now, as seen from this previously declared point of view, happily condemn the children in their care to the evils of Darwinism that lead to amorality, sin and suffering.

Assuming that this is indeed the case, then perhaps this is because they no longer think any of this is true.

Perhaps they can simply tell us this and explain that their own declared position was wrong.  Perhaps they now accept the huge majority Christian view that the science has no conflict with their faith.

Will they please say so?

Then everyone can start to decide if we can believe this MP or not.

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