Friday, 27 July 2012

This is a neat little illustration . .

. . . of where the main battlegrounds are in the fight against creationism in UK public education.

The creationists come in with their trio of arguments;
  • "Darwinism" is atheist
  • "Darwinism" is scientifically controversial 
  • and its only fair to let people hear both sides.
Rather than accept these points the panelists put on a good show of pointing out that;
  • many religious people are perfectly happy with modern science and in fact creationists are just a small part of the religious population
  • creationism has no scientific standing or support
  • there aren't two sides to hear - this is simply a subterfuge to smuggle proselytisation for fundamentalists into science classes
It was both refreshing and effective to hear an atheist, a secular agnostic and a catholic pointing to the holes in the position of two members of small fundamentalist churches.  The characterisation of creationism as bad theology and the lack of any supporting evidence for the historical claims made are telling to hear and it is clear that the creationists, as well as continuing to deny most of modern science, also deny theological history too.

But don't take my word for it.  Listen for yourself;


  1. Check out this conference for Creation Live from USA this week. Started today
    and goes until Sunday USA time

    has been great so far... shows how unreliable carbon dating is.. proven that rocks from a volcano formed this century not the same as that of the carbon dating... it is not reliable. Lots of topics and goes to show that those who scoff at Creation and God will one day eat humble pie. Darwins false theory of evolution is a lie straight from the pit of hell. Deception big time. Jesus said.. from the beginning of creation man and woman were made and to marry as God intended. Evolution has so put down the status of humans to less than that of animals... we abort them, kill, enslave, so called mercy kill.... murder because we do not see man as made in the image of His Creator. We care more for creation including trees,animals,than we do for billions of babies aborted, thousands of women used and abused as sex slaves, children as sex objects for people with seared consciences.. they have never learned the Top 10 comandments... or yet even follow the golden rule... treat others as you would like to be treated... consider others over yourself.. do not misuse, abuse, take advantage of... honor the other because they are made in the image of God too... may God have mercy on you God mockers and God deniers and God scoffers... for you are headed for hell and that will be for eternity... not just an evolutionary time span.. Mr Dawkins, and others who claim God is a delusion.. I look forward to seeing him stand before Jesus Christ to give an account for every foolish word he has said or written. Dawkins problem is that he thinks he is God... his ego is so big.... but one day he will eat humble pie and all those who believed and followed along with his world view will also regret that they did not believe the history that is in the bible... and history of the Western nations that is also told by many ancient societies and civilizations.. they wrote of Adam and the flood and the genealogy of mankind yet they did not have the bible. Some should read the book Forgotten History of the West by Mike Gasgoine and After The Flood by Bill Cooper. Man did not come crawling out of a pond.. we are not related to the monkeys... and fools have said in their heart there is no God... so much for Mr Dawkins as him and his ilk are fools...

  2. Thanks for this eloquent illustration of why the BCSE exists.