Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bill Nye says more

What's the best scientific argument against creationism?Unlike science, creationism cannot predict anything, and it cannot provide satisfactory answers about the past. The examples would be nearly limitless. Why does radioactive dating indicate that the world is 4.54 billion years old, if radioactivity is not a feature of nature? 
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If you could speak directly to the children of creationists, what would you say?Hang in there.
There is another amazing, exciting, inspiring way to know the world, one that will fill you with joy and reverence. Pick your battles with grownups. These creation ideas are important to the grownups in your life right now. Accept that.
Do your views place your personal safety in jeopardy?We'll see. You don't get shot down, if you're not flying.
We are at a turning point, a crossroads in human history. Climate change or an asteroid impact can only be addressed with science. Shooting the messenger is not going to make creationism able to explain anything in the natural world. It still will be completely unsatisfactory and useless to anyone trying to solve an engineering problem in the real world. No science; no asteroid deflection.

From a follow up interview with Bill Nye here.

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