Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Any second now . . .

Creationist/ID proponents have a three pronged attack on the education system.

  • Science = atheism (you can't be a Christian and accept the science)
  • The science is poor quality and is on the very verge of complete collapse anyway.
  • We should just err on the side of fairness and teach creationism or intelligent design too (or even just teach the "evidence against" evolution - whatever that is??)
Of course the first two are simply false and so the third does not arise.

Today we link to a systematic refutation of part of the second claim by Glen Morton.
The claim is  that the theory of evolution (or major supporting concepts for it)  is increasingly being abandoned by scientists, or is about to fall.  This claim has many forms and has been made for over 178 years.  This is a compilation of the claims over time. The purpose of this compilation is three-fold. First, it is to show that the claim has been made for a long, long time. Secondly, it is to show that entire careers have passed without seeing any of this movement away from evolution.  Third, it is to show that the creationists are merely making these statements for the purpose of keeping hope alive that they are making progress towards their goal.  In point of fact, no such progress is being made as anyone who has watched this area  for the last 40 years can testify. The claim is false as history and present-day events show, yet that doesn't stop anyone wanting to sell books from making that claim.  Now for the claims in chronological order.


  1. The only thing wrong with this post is that the opening statements are false. They does not accurately present the position of creationists.

  2. Try reading the rest of the blog for plenty of examples of creationists claiming that science is atheistic and anyone who accepts evolutionary science is pushing atheistic propaganda. Yawn.