Monday, 8 October 2012

Lack of Peer Reviewed Published Papers = pseudoscience

Dave Gamble at Skeptical Science has reviewed the list of "papers" claimed as "peer reviewed" by the Disco-Tute the right-wing-funded creationist group in the US that has supplied most of the anti-science propaganda distributed in the UK by crypto creationists such as Truth in Science and the Centre for Intelligent Design.

Here is his conclusion;

ConclusionThe complete lack of any credible scientific evidence tells you all you really need to know. Is there any scientific foundation for Intelligent Design? The quick one word summary is “No“.
With no credible evidence on the table, any and all creationist claims need not be addressed, but instead should simply be dismissed. If they wish to ever assert a claim that is not dismissed, then they need to first go do some science that backs it up.

Well worth a read.


  1. It's an excellent resource. Not sure I would give the TiS and C4ID theocrats the respect in giving them the "crypto" tag. They are full-blown creationists, no doubt about it.

  2. The C4ID and TiS web sites hide their creationism and the materials TiS sent to schools also pretended it was simply science, this is why the crypto tag is appropriate.