Wednesday, 10 October 2012

US congressman lives in a world of international, multidisciplinary multigenerational conspiracies . . .

Republican congressman and member of the US House of Representatives science committee Paul Broun dismisses evolution, the big bang theory and embryology as 'lies straight from the pit hell'. Speaking at a Baptist church last month, Broun says that 'as a scientist' he has found data that shows Earth is no older than 9,000 years

James McGrath asks a very good question for Creationists here;

In terms of initial plausibility, which is more likely, that the vast majority of the world’s scientists who have helped provide insight into and treatments for countless diseases, to say nothing of other innovations, are all conspiring to spread a lie from the pit of hell, or that a congressman’s statement about evolution being a lie from the pit of hell is a lie from the pit of hell?

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