Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fake science . . .

. . . only needs a fake lab.


  1. With Evolution you don't even need a lab, people believe it with no evidence.

    1. What a remarkably dumb comment, Martin.

    2. Actually, you might need a lab. To work on samples, computing, carbon dating etc.

    3. So Grumpy Bob, why is it dumb when no one has ever observed Evolution?

    4. Funny that, we've no samples of Evolution in progress, carbon dating is pretty irrelevant as is computing. So what were you planning to do in the lab?

    5. Some interesting observations there Martin. Can you tell me what evidence you're basing them all on? Can you explain the samples of evolution in progress that we do have? Can you explain what the scientists are putting in their research papers instead of evidence? Can you explain why they have and work in labs when they don't need them?

      Can you explain why carbon dating is pretty irrelevant. More intriguingly can you explain why computing is pretty irrelevant as well? Is it because computers aren't mentioned in Genesis? If so what are we using at the moment?

      Martin I suggest you try some books. Science books specifically will answer some of your questions like what scientists do in labs. I'd start simple at first if I were you.