Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Two Faces of Creationism

Two recent pieces show the two faces of Creationism.

Which do you prefer?

How about the simple and unpleasant bluntness of the Young Earth Creationist?

Stephen "Birdshit" Green being a straight forward, in your face, nasty piece of work (whilst wrapping himself in the flag of Christianity);

Parents don't want homosexual children

Or perhaps you will prefer the "sophisticated" (with the emphasis on the sophistry) Intelligent Design Creationism of Paul Nelson who gets caught out making up stuff about science, whilst trying to pretend this has nothing to do with his own religious commitment to a Young Earth.

Jerry Coyne pwns Paul Nelson


  1. Does calling someone 'birdshit' make you better than they? And since Evolution is entirely made up, calling those who actually do science is a bit silly.

    1. Does calling a homosexual a pervert or a paedophile make Stephen Green a better person than they?

      Do you truly believe evolution is 'made up'? Why would reputable scientists do such a thing?

    2. I imagine Stephen Green would say, like me, that he was a sinner saved by grace. That doesn't make him a better person than one who has not been saved.

      As to homosexuality, that is a sexual sin, just like adultery, fornication or even paedophilia. And a sinner can be saved from these.

  2. You mean that isn't his real name?