Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The next 25 years - the end of religion?

The next 25 years - the end of religion? Edinburgh International Science Festival, Saturday, March 30

Paul Braterman is taking part in this discussion as an individual and will be expressing hi own opinions and not the policies of the BCSE.  The discussion is presented by the Humanist Society of Scotland, and Paul will be appearing along with Keith Gilmour, custodian of the Unintelligent Design website and Religious, Moral, and Philosophical Education teacher at Boclair Academy, and the Rev. Andrew Frater, of the Thinking Allowed lecture series. The discussion will be chaired by Alexander Wood, educational consultant, former councillor, and writer.

5.30pm (90 minutes) • £8/£6 • Teviot Row Dining Room

Paul tells us;

"I will be the pessimist on the panel. The next 25 years will be more stressful than the previous 25, for reasons ranging from global warming to nuclear proliferation. Under such conditions, irrational beliefs flourish, and the drift of rational thinkers away from religion will increase the power of the extremists who remain. We already have evidence of creationist infiltration into hitherto enlightened churches, the direct influence of US-based fundamentalism, and an unawareness among the mainstream leaders of what is going on. Meantime, the abdication by government of its responsibilities will increase the power of the religious organizations called on to fill the gap. We can see this now in the evangelical control of the UK food banks, and in the aspirations of the new Archbishop of Canterbury."

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