Sunday, 12 May 2013

Amazon battle - please lend a vote

BCSE member and one of the NCSE's famous "Steves", Dr. Stephen Moreton took the time a while ago to debunk the geological hand waving of Paul Garner and his review was posted on Amazon here.  This gives full references and exposes many instances of Garner telling straight out lies when and where he calculates he can get away with it.

Stephen obviously rattled the creationists cage because they went to the trouble of writing a response you can see here.

Stephen tells me;

"My rebuttal is on page 6 of the comments thread following my review on After posting it Truth in Science issued a brief statement saying that Garner felt under no obligation to respond to me!  This is at the bottom of p.6 of the comments.  He has maintained his silence, despite reminders and challenges, and his initial reply contains no hint that it was rebutted, thus leaving his audience with a false impression that he has successfully responded to a critic when he has not."

Stephen asks that BCSE members comment and vote on the Amazon thread.

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