Saturday, 6 July 2013

More Evidence that Darwin's Doubt deliberately distorts diligentlydivulged data

Our previous post showed you just how dishonest the intelligent design creationists are.

They don't just make up stuff about the real science. They actually have to make up the science that they then make more stuff up about. 

I just happen to be nearing the end of an Open University degree and I am currently studying the links between earth and life in terms of climate and evolution. 

This single page refutes most the claims made in Darwin's Doubt. The intelligent design creationists must know this because they pretend to their readers that this kind of data doesn't actually exist. 


  1. This really could have done with a link...

  2. I'm doing a line by line teardown of Darwin's Doubt. I've got about 15 posts and about 15,000 words so far and I just started Chapter 2. It might be worth you taking a look.