Saturday, 19 October 2013

Blog update

Readers have commented that this blog has been quiet for a few months.  The reason was I have been working towards my final two exams in a Creationology degree with the Open University.  Well they call it "BSc (Honours) Life Sciences" but I have managed to cram it with some of Creationism's favourite topics.  Here are some of the courses I have included;

S104 Exploring science
SXR103 Practising science
S170 Darwin and evolution
S193 Fossils and the history of life
S204 Biology: uniformity and diversity
SXR270 Investigative biology
S276 Geology
S366 Evolution
SXR375 Plants, pigments and light
S396 Ecosystems
SXR376 Molecular basis of human disease
S377 Molecular and cell biology
S279 Our dynamic planet: Earth and life

I thoroughly recommend them all. I will be writing some blog posts based on the work I have done so look out for them in future.

Now this degree is done (assuming for a moment I get the results I want in December), apart from my day job, I will be back to shining a light into some dark cul-de-sacs of human thought, illuminating the exit sign for some, I hope, and highlighting some warning signs for others.

So look out, the blog is back in business.

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