Monday, 21 October 2013

Creationist Navel Gazing

A great summary of the Omphalos hypothesis from Donald Prothero;

According to Gosse, God created nature to look as if it had a history, to look as if it had evolved, but in reality it was created quite recently. In order for the world to be “functional” God would have created the earth with mountains and canyons, with trees that have growth rings, and with Adam and Eve with a navel. No evidence that indicates the presumed age of the earth or events in the past can be taken at face value. In this manner, Gosse felt that he had solved his own dilemmas about the fact that nature appears to have evolved, yet this solution allowed him to retain his creationist beliefs.

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  1. Truth be Told, one of the books at the centre of the recent scandal in East Kilbride (, states explicitly that 10,000 years of trea rings prove nothing, since the trees were obviously created with 4,000 rings built in.