Saturday, 19 October 2013

Stop press - Evolution is really a religion.

The biblical teaching on creation is wholly consistent with the facts which have been established by science whereas the theory of evolution is not: it is "science falsely so called" (1 Timothy 6:20). True science is observable, testable and repeatable. False science tries to explain the origin of the moon, deliberately dismissing the testimony of Scripture: true science actually put men on the moon. Evolution is really a religion, as some of its more candid advocates admit.
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  1. "True science is observable, testable and repeatable." Rev'd Blunt - more about him here:
    Real science don't exactly use observation to uncover the age of the universe (though observation eg of 'dead' stars and supernovae rule out an age of just ten of thousands of years or less). Rather it uses mathematics ie we can ascertain approximate distances to stars/galaxies at huge distances and then calculate the length of time the light has taken to reach Earth by factoring in the speed of light in a vacuum. Is Rev'd Blunt - and likeminded fundamentalist Christians - of the view that mathematics is 'false science' I wonder? Perhaps 2 + 2 only = 4 in THIS universe? I somehow doubt it.

  2. Sorry, "real science" should have read "real scientists".