Thursday, 14 November 2013

Creationists Calling Christians Names

Creation Ministries International (Leicester) are part of the US based CMI.  They are well known in Creationology circles for various reasons including the belief that UFOs are angels and that dinosaurs roamed medieval Cumbria.

They use a variety of words to describe moderate Christians who don't agree with them including, "compromisers", "salad bar Christians" and now some of them are being described as "militant".

What are these Christians increasingly doing that is particularly militant?

They are challenging CMI to address the overwhelming scientific evidence.

Of course CMI can't see it that way, they must label any and all such evidence as being from atheists.

Just a normal days work when you inhabit a world run by a worldwide, multigenerational, multidisciplinary conspiracy of scientists and lay people, both religious and non religious who are all lying to cover up the truth.

Time for more heretic hunting and another purge perhaps?


  1. A good salad's rather healthy if you think about it for a moment. And a good compromise sometimes is being happy with what they have for choices of dressing. The tree that doesn't produce fruit will wither and the sower will freely so seed wherever. Let the nutters talk-talk-talk. Enjoy a good salad and conversation with a friend today.

    Of course, atheists are often called 'militant' - whether they are or aren't. And TalkOrigins is described by Bates as 'specifically anti-creationist', perhaps implying that they must be anti-Christian and/or atheistic too.