Sunday, 3 August 2014

Steiner Schools (Creationists +) criticised

"Allegations of racism and widespread bullying by both teachers and pupils in private Steiner schools have emerged in government memos that considered whether they should be given public money to open free schools. 
The documents outline a number of alarming claims, ranging from a teacher throwing a rounders bat at a pupil to staff using "racial epithets" with a mixed-race child.
Despite officials raising concerns over both the seriousness and the prevalence of the allegations, ministers went on to approve the opening of three Steiner free schools, in addition to an existing academy, with more applications in the pipeline.
The concerns are contained in documents released following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the British Humanist Association (BHA). The Department for Education originally refused the request but that decision was overturned at a tribunal hearing.
The new revelations come on top of other concerns raised by the association about Steiner schools' promotion of homeopathy, opposition to vaccinations, and their approach to science teaching and evolution."

The TES cover the story here.

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